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Ipelegeng Community Centre


Ipelegeng is simple irresistible and a place to be

In-case you are looking for a sound and well-heeled place in the townships, just drop in one  of Soweto’s most exclusive Community Centre and experience tranquility, a fashionable accommodation, conference Centre, upmarket cottage commensurate to the ones found in the leafy suburbs and a top notch food and beverage catering services dining hall.

Furthermore if you have a knack for disseminating information, empowering communities or facilitating training of any kind, don’t look any further, just visit Ipelegeng Community Centre and you will breathe fresh air and get exactly just what the doctor ordered for.

Ipelegeng Community Centre is conveniently sited in White City, Soweto a township of the City of Johannesburg  Metropolitan Municipality in GautengSouth Africa.

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This vibrant institution prides itself with a flawless attractive punchy vision that reads ‘Become a perpetual hub of information and growth of outreach programs for communities’.

From a distance you will never see that until your ultimately visit, but in hindsight after setting your foot there and observing the daily movements of people and activities you will believe that even their well worded meticulous mission ‘Create an environment that encourages various outreach programs to equip communities with life skills.’ is a mission possible and stark reality that can be challenged at your own peril.


Established in 1984, to provide social and economic platform for the people of Soweto. The Centre targets and delivers services to empower in and out of school youth in the surrounding areas such as Moroka, Jabavu, Mofolo and Dube and many more communities.

It also caters for big corporates and organizations that are on a team building mission.

Credit should go to the CEO of this magnificent Centre, Panka Modise, a well-mannered man of few words who speaks in low dulcet tones.

In an interview he cautiously snitches the organizational profile like a poet on stage.

He eloquently manages to decode the Centre’s one sentence mission ‘Create an environment that encourages various outreach programs to equip communities with life skills’ in many snippets.

Like many transparent organizations Ipelegeng has a credible Accountant,  David Butcher  who  administers checks and balances and also ratifies vital decisions.

The Diocese Manager and the Chief Executive are always on board and within reach to make critical inputs  on daily management of the Centre and ratify decisions. The Diocese is represented by the Diocese Manager as an ex-officio member .

The Centre’s objectives are a direct reflection of its moniker name.

  • Hire halls out for various community activities.
  • Hire out accommodations’ for groups of people who come to Soweto for specific purposes.
  • Avail kitchen facilities for preparation of meals.
  • Let out office spaces to different community organizations.
  • Lend support to St Pauls’s Anglican Church to nurture spiritual needs of its community.
  • Support any community based organization which shares its vision.
  • Create own (Ipelegeng) outreach programs.

Services available in this Centre include a Learnership placements, a Career guidance  Training centre, Computer training, Meeting rooms, Main hall, Sports hall,  Social work services, a church, Fully fledged library, Sizeable parking and an open square for brainstorming .

Believe it or not! These are all in one domicile.


 Did you know?

  • Boipelogo and Ipelegeng are both Sestwana words. These words are virtually interchangeable words, the one being a noun and the other a verb meaning self help or self reliance in one or another form.
  • Traditionally these two words referred to the undertaking by the Mephato or age groups of a wide range of community projects.


Ipelegeng is located Cnr. Khumalo & Phera St, White City Jabavu.







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Nie Cele


Nie Cele

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Nie Cele


Sibusiso Mhlungu November 21, 2019 at 5:10 pm

I’m a student who’s willing to be a student of ipegeng for 2020

Francina Malinga June 6, 2019 at 2:21 pm

Blessed afternoon.Can you please send me qoutations for Conference for 3 days and Accomodation for 2 days.


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