Ka Gogo label is fast becoming the hottest stylish and trendy garb and most sought after apparel

Ka Gogo label is fast becoming the hottest stylish and trendy garb and most sought after apparel

Nie Cele

Miuccia Prada once proclaimed ! “Fashion is instant language.”

Yves Saint Laurent once argued!Fashions fade, style is eternal.”

 These are some of the punchy quotes that have stood the test of time by renowned fashion gurus of all times.  

Back to the story. In case you are sluggishly moving with the modern day fashion trends.

 Local quality brands designed and styled in Mzansi’s famous  township Soweto  are riding the crest of the platform wave of beautiful and trendy fashionable clothing ranging from Buff masks, Bullet proof jackets, Golf Tshirts, Cultural clothing, Caps and many more apparel you can think of in this modern day local fashion world.

The brains behind these unique eye-catching  attire is a 29 year old creative workaholic and spirited  Siyanda Jange who combines  passion and energy to unleash the most sought after label Ka Gogo garbs.

The Ka Gogo offerings carry fabric that is 100% polyester interlock with moisture management, 100% cotton, linen, silk and many more texture that suits any stylish, trendy and shopaholic fashionista and layman.

Like seasoned fashion designers, Jange design and brand dreams, admirable, creditable and praiseworthy garb commensurate to the ones you get in your popular local traditional retail stores. And the only difference is that his collection is home-made stitched, singlehandedly crafted and tailored for Kasi flavour looks and corporate elegance.

According to this ever indefatigable budding fashion designer, his late grandmother played a vital role in imparting the sewing and designing robes to him.

“I will cherish what my Gogo taught me in my entire philosophy of life. The sky is the limit. I hope to grow in leaps and bounds in this challenging Terrain.  My biggest wish is to make a big statement that will stand the test of time and compete with the dominating big brands.”

See Below more Ka Gogo offerings.


  • Miuccia Prada is an Italian fashion designer and Businesswoman.
  • Yves Saint Laurent was a French fashion who in 1961 founded eponymous fashion label.

More Ka Gogo offerings can be viewed or  accessed by visiting the following media platforms or alternatively whatsap the number supplied below.


Instagram  handles @kaGogo

Facebook  @inja ka Gogo Trading 

WhatsApp  0611864253


@TWITTER   KaGogo _ugaz lam

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