The African National Congress Women’s League (ANCWL) congratulates the African National Congress (ANC) under the leadership of President Cde President Jacob Zuma for hosting a successful 5th National Policy Conference (NPC) which was aimed at policy reviews and formulation. The ANC remains the hope of South Africans in building a united, non-sexist, non-racial and prosperous country.



The ANCWL as an integral part of the ANC has submitted policy proposals in all commissions and motivated without fail. As the ANCWL we will continue to persuade ANC structures countrywide for all its policy proposals to be adopted by National Conference in December 2017. Amongst the ANCWL policy proposals that found expression in NPC includes (but not limited to):



* Characterisation of current ownership, control and management of economic sector as dominated by white minority therefore in South African context there is white monopoly capital being the primary  enemy of national democratic revolution and all monopolies perpetuating economic inequalities in the country.



* Gender based violence being classified as priority crime. Harsher sentences to be considered for perpetrators of gender based violence.



* Partriarchy entrenched in society hindering the goal of building united non-sexist society.  Marginalisation of majority of citizens which are women creates unstable society. Government must legislate 50/50% gender parity across sectors at all levels.



* Establishment of Voting District based ANC sub-branches led by coordinators to be appointed by Branch Executive Committee (BEC).



* Provision of free sanitary pads to girl child from poor and working class families.



* Provision of free and compulsory education until undergraduate level. Gender equality, History and Entrepreneurship forming part of compulsory curriculum at Basic Education Level.



* Retaining Early Childhood Development at Department of Social Development.



* All chapter 9 institutions accorded same powers and status and fully resourced. Commission for Gender Equality even though constitutionally accounts to Parliament, administratively has to account to the Presidency.



* Having one social worker per ward.



* Fast tracking the implementation of free quality health care through NHI.



* Establishment of State Bank



* Fast tracking land redistribution and consider amending the Constitution to allow expropriation without compensation.



* Review the ownership, mandate and


control of South African Reserve Bank.


As a leader in society the unity of the ANC is sacrosanct for society to thrive. The ANCWL calls all it’s supporters and members to make unity of the ANC their apex priority. The ANCWL under the leadership of President Cde Bathabile Dlamini and her collective sends sincere gratitude to all its supporters and members for the contribution made at NPC.


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