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Believe it or not, KFC’s kitchen is shipshape

Nie Cele

Ever wondered why Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is rated the best amongst other fast food chains in Mzansi and elsewhere? Furthermore why this brand has stood the test of time? The answer is simple. Hurry up and visit any KFC outlet and you will enjoy fresh and quality food with a magic taste prepared by a jovial unnoticed behind the scene workforce that work in an uncontaminated and spick and span kitchen.

In an informal snap survey conducted by this publication, consumers have given this first and the oldest fast food chain a big thumb up without any qualm.

On a  richter scale of 1-10 Majority consumers scored over 8 arguing about the scrumptious and lip-smacking taste best summarised by the brand’s genuinely fascinating trademarked phrase ‘Its finger lickin’good’.

Back to the story. In a drive to create transparent awareness and trust to consumers about their safe and healthy food, this Mzansi’s   most loved quick service restaurant, recently opened one of its kitchen to a horde of journalists at their Meadowpoint branch, Meadowlands SOWETO.

During the tour, it was revealed that they wanted to give the consumers an A-Z information on how the chain freshly prepares and cooks its finger lickin good chicken that is served to customers every day.

In addition on the day, the media was allowed to participate and test check all behind the scenes daily hygiene and safety standards.

No doubt, At face value cleanliness, hygienic standard procedure is a norm and a crystal clear daily exercise adhered to at all times.

It was also stressed that it was against this backround that KFC, has been entrenched in the hearts and taste buds of customers since it opened its first restaurant in the country in 1971.

Zinhle Modiselle, Public Affairs Director for KFC Africa, told this reporter on the sidelines that cleanliness was one of the important routine for the brand, adding that this habitual procedures also apply from their bulk stock deliveries that is stored in different fridges.

 “We wanted to share our unique back of the house process that ensures we deliver fresh, good quality food every time and to also debunk some misconceptions around our food.

“KFC sells quality and fresh chicken. Cleanliness is a global standard in our brand and its happening everywhere.

“Besides the tasty lasting food. Our committed staff works very hard 24/7 every minute to make sure that meals are perfectly served, hence we are number one largest customer base,” Modiselle argued.

During the tour, the media group was also shown how quality check was thoroughly done on each food item before it reaches the consumer.

Steve Ford, Principal Officer at KFC, reiterated and shared the sentiment echoed by Modiselle.

He first acknowledged the meticulous workforce behind the food chain’s products.

“We sell unique, hot and fresh food. Testimony is what you saw in our kitchen today.”  


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