The City of Johannesburg is currently experiencing technical challenges with sending Email Customer Statements as well as with its E-Services – the online viewing statements system.


There was a delay in sending Email Customer Statements, while the system started sending customer statements on Friday 19th May a few technical issues were detected on Saturday, which rendered the process slow.


City’s Spokesperson Kgamanyane Maphologela says, currently customers are not able to view or retrieve their statements on the E-Services, after logging on the City’s website. Maphologela says the problem has been identified and the technicians are working around the clock to rectify the situation.


“The issue has affected a small population of our residents, as the matter has been identified in good time. We apologise to our customers for any inconvenience caused and we remain committed to restoring this service to our customers,” says Maphologela.


Maphologela says customers who have not received their accounts, to either pay the same amount as the previous month or call Joburg Connect on 0860 Joburg (562 874) to enquire as to how much they owe. If the customer requires a copy of their account, they are advised to visit any of their nearest Customer Service Centres or call the City’s Call Centre.


Maphologela advises customers that, they can still pay their accounts using third-party payment methods.

If you don’t like queues, you may pay using any of the listed methods below:

  • EasyPay, facilitating a quick payment option at many shops that you visit on a regular basis, including Pick ‘n Pay and Shoprite Checkers
  • Debit orders
  • Direct deposits at major banks
  • ATMs
  • Internet and cell phone banking
  • SA Post Office


Customer Service Centres:

Customers can pay their municipal account, in cash, at any of our 50 Customer Service Centres City wide.

Customers can also go to the City’s website for more info:


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