Gauteng adds another state of the art clinic to its communities


The Gauteng Provincial Government has successfully delivered yet another modern clinic that is equipped with cutting edge equipment. This time GPG has officially opened the Randgate Clinic to the community of Randfontein and surrounding areas.


The Gauteng Department of Infrastructure Development (GDID) today 17 May 2017, officially handed over the landmark project to accommodate the primary health care needs while supporting the interests of the community. MEC for Health Dr Gwen Ramokgopa received the master keys of the facility, officially marking the opening of the facility.


The medium-sized clinic boasts various amenities covering large medical services, a separate guard house, a service courtyard housing the required services and a landscaped outdoor garden courtyard. Built at a cost of over R44 million, the facility is equipped with the following:

  • Insulated walls for heat conservation and sound-proofing
  • Roof Insulation which reduces energy loss from the buildings
  • Glazing that maximizes natural light into the building and reduces energy loose from the building
  • Energy saving lighting (LED Light fittings)
  • Heat pumps for water heating


The construction of the clinic has also provided skills through training and employment of the participants of Extended Public Works Programme, with 40 percent of the labour sourced locally.

Speaking during the handover of the facility,  Mamobolo said the delivery of the clinic makes the people of Randfontein richer. “This facility is a building of high quality, this building belongs to the people of Randfontein, it is here to better the lives of the community,” he added.


Mamabolo made an impassioned call to the community to ensure that they protect the clinic. “When anyone is angry about something, they shouldn’t take their anger our on this beautiful facility,” he said.


Mamabolo also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Ramokgopa ensuring that projects are delivered effectively, within set time frames and budgets and that government is transparent and answerable to the communities it serves. The departments also signed a Service Delivery agreement, pledging to implement all protocols as set-out in the MOU.


The GDID is the custodian of GPG immovable assets and is responsible for building infrastructure such as schools, clinics, hospitals, libraries among others, on behalf of client departments. Some of these departments are Education, Health, Social Development and Arts and Culture. The department is also responsible for the maintenance of hospitals and clinics across the province.


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