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Despite the COVID-19 pandemic that the nation is currently faced with, CWDiis determined to continue solving the challenges that businesses encounter, with creative solutions that inspire connections. 

CWDi is proud to announce its partnership with FUEL, to help companies support their staff by educating them and raising the awareness of the prevention and safety protocols necessary for combatting the COVID-19 pandemic.

To do this, CWDi presents FUEL’s COVID-19 ‘Care-iculum’. This e-learning content proposal will effectively assist in meeting the goals of creating awareness around health and prevention protocols which will reach all the staff in an organisation.

The COVID-19 ‘Care-iculum’ is video content that has been developed using factual information that has been supplied by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Centre for Disease Control (CDC). This information will be translated into Xhosa, Zulu and English. Working remotely, CWDi and FUEL, aim to produce at least one video a week, which businesses can distribute to their staff.

Video content can be customised with a company’s branding and logo at the bottom of each scene. FUEL will provide a mobile responsive website to house the videos. Employees will be able to access these videos through the link that will be provided, and the data used to obtain these will be reverse billed. A weekly or monthly data cap can be applied.

The videos can be distributed in the following ways:

  • Provision on an organisation’s Learners Management System (LMS).
  • Direct distribution via email and SMS.
  • Using FUEL Aranzi LMS on which FUEL will provide a generic login for use.
  • Providing educational awareness poster artwork that can be printed for office spaces.

The COVID-19 ‘Care-iculum’ consists of 16 Modules, namely:

Module 1: Introduction to COVID-19

Module 2: What is COVID-19

Module 3: How is COVID-19 spread: Can COVID-19 be transmitted through food

Module 4: How is COVID-19 spread: How long can COVID-19 live on surfaces?

Module 5: Strengthen your immune system with these 9 foods

Module 6: Protect your family: preparing for an outbreak

Module 7: Protect your family: Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Module 8: Protect your family: Children

Module 9: 6 Tips for talking about COVID-19 with your kids

Module 10: 8 Paediatrician recommended tips for protecting your child against COVID-19

Module 11: Protect your home

Module 12: Protect your home: The 6 Dirtiest Things in Your Home

Module 13: Symptoms and testing: What are the symptoms of COVID-19

Module 14: How to know if you should be tested for COVID-19

Module 15: Are you at high risk: Older adults

Module 16: COVID – 19 Treatment

To find out more about this e-learning solution and how to provide it to your employees, contact Lexy Geyer – Account Director at CWDi. Cell: 072 517 4929 Email:  lexy@cwdi.co.za


CWDi is an award-winning brand agency, specialising in brand experiences that connect people.  The company has its roots in collaboration and entrepreneurship, with Colourworks and Designers Ink merging in 2019 to form one creative powerhouse, dedicated to solving business challenges with creative solutions.

CWDi is 52% black women owned company that operates from offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg, working with clients throughout Africa and across the globe.

 United in the common goal of bringing big ideas to life, the organisation is able to do more together than ever before, delivering quality work that is bold, courageous and creative.

About FUEL

FUEL has 20 years’ experience in delivering bespoke ‘software as a service’ e-learning solutions that are perfectly suited to Africa.

Through its full-service solution, the company enables effective online training delivery to countries and companies with connectivity limitations and highly dispersed, white collar and low-literate workforces, ensuring that they reach every client’s brand representative. 

FUEL operates in 17 countries throughout Africa supporting clients such as Engen, Shoprite, Col’Cacchio, working on Fire, Honda SA, and select Shell service stations, amongst others.  FUEL has recently adopted cutting edge Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies, advancing its training content far ahead of other training providers.


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