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 Region G’s Regional Health Deputy Director Olga Kruger uses the words “eventful” and “meaningful” to describe the past three decades she’s been working in the City. She attributes her choice of words to the opportunities and development she received from the City. She is a hard worker, and that’s how she earned her strides to the top. “It was hard work but rewarding. I was dedicated, and it paid off,” Olga says. She is an experienced nurse and was later promoted to managerial roles where she used her expertise to benefit the City

Olga joined the then Ennerdale Local Government as Acting Area Manager in 1991. 

In 1994, she was transferred to Dobsonville Clinic in Soweto as a professional nurse.

A position as Operational Manager at Green Village Clinic followed, and shortly after she was appointed Operational Manager Procurement in Soweto. 

She also had a stint as Manager of Clinics in Region D. 

Thereafter, she was appointed to Procurement and Contract Management at the Metro Centre. It was here that she mastered the skill of initiating contracts to balance expenditures. 

The contracts ranged from environmental to procurement of waste, uniforms, oxygen, and laundry.

She was appointed to her current role as Regional Health Deputy Director in Region G in 2019. 

Her main duties are to manage primary and environmental health services, including mobile clinics, and to steer capital projects.

Nursing suited her caring nature, and she fully embraced the profession. She recalls an incident when she phoned a doctor for an emergency, and he responded calmly: “I can rest, you’re there.”

From early in her career, patients and colleagues regarded her as a confidant and trustworthy person who you needed in your corner.

Olga was born in Kliptown and grew up in Eldorado Park. She started her nursing training at the then Coronation Hospital, now Rahima Moosa Mother and Child Hospital. 

She went on to study a Diploma in Community Health and a Diploma in Psychiatric Nursing at Sterkfontein Hospital. She realised the importance of education and development.

Olga also obtained a Psychology Degree and Psychology Honours Degree from Unisa and a postgraduate qualification in Public Administration from Regenesys Business School.

Friends describe her as a leader, trustworthy, and confident person. She loves to bake, cook, host and travel. She considers Italy one of her favourite destinations for its buildings and historical aspects.

As she retires, she plans on focusing on property development and volunteering at a school. She is grateful to the City for all the opportunities and will miss all her colleagues dearly. Her advice to her colleagues is to do everything out of the goodness of their hearts, and “God will do the rest”. 

As she’s bowing out, she says: “I’ve done what I could and I’ve always done my best.”

Written by Brümilda Swartbooi​.


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