Eskom goes beyond business as usual

Andile  Zingitwa

The initiative that Eskom took in a country wide roadshow to educate the society about the correct and safe use of electricity could not have come at a right time. This is in the wake of reported incidents of fatalities and severe injuries emanating from electrocution due to sub-standard conditions as a result illegal connections.

That Eskom is not ethically bound to taking this drive is what makes the whole commitment a philanthropic act. It proves to the world that not only is Eskom interested in profit maximization, but it goes further to ensuring that the business it conducts is within the confines and parameters of moral rectitude by putting the safety of the users first.

The tour that Eskom embarks on seeks to inculcate a culture of safe and correct use of electricity  for the benefit of the community. It is our view as Egolijozinews that Eskom has lead the path of social responsibility and accountability in the business fraternity, which should encourage other institutions to follow suit.

It is in this context that we avail ourselves as a Publication to cover and publish such good business practices to encourage better relationship between business and users.

In any functional democracy, safety is associated with better standard of living, which paves way to economic growth and subsequently, creation of job opportunities in this epoch of fourth industrial revolution.

Well done Eskom, it does not get better than this. We hope that other members of the fourth estate will give you Profile-raising you deserve. I SUBMIT.

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