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Entrepreneurship is gaining momentum in Limpopo

Limpopo budding entrepreuners Hope Makhavhu and Mrs Makhavu, LilianMalange,  David Mokwele and LutendoMccrae.

Bheki Nakana


Despite the country’s dwindling economy and the soaring unemployment rate, Eskom Development Foundation’s drive of rolling out economic empowerment programmes and building of small and medium enterprises (SME’s) is steadfastly paying huge dividends.

This was evident in a recent media tour that showcased contributions made to these budding entrepreneurs, how their businesses played a vital role in job creation and providing opportunities to people in their respective communities and beyondin Limpopo, Makhado.

Acting CEO of the Eskom Development Foundation, Cecil Ramonotsi is on record saying.

“Small black-owned businesses can make a big difference to our economy. By enabling these businesses to create products and services that will strengthen local economies we can help small businesses unlock economic opportunities and contribute to inclusive growth.”

The power utility also revealed that it believes that entrepreneurship is the best medicine for economic developmentin a province with the largest share of residents in rural areas, a lack of employment opportunities and poor infrastructure.

One of the nascent entrepreneur Business Investment Competition entrant and finalist of the manufacturing category in 2014,LilianMalange, said the province was experiencing tourism boomwhich government hopes will eliminate poverty and reduce inequality,

“Tourism is growing in Limpopo. South Africans and many others are learning that there is so much more to see and experience across the province and my business offers them something authentic and modern from their time in Limpopo.”

The owner of Rainbow Mosaic and Pottery, thanked the foundation for  changing her life and the others which she has since employed.

Another  BIC finalist in 2015, David Mokwele, founder and manager of McFloraArchaar said.

“Our order book is growing and we are reaching for the stars. There is a growing market for products which draw on the natural resources found in the province and we will take advantage of this opportunity.”

Thohoyandou-based Mabunga Toiletscompany, found their niche in draining and redesigning pit toilets.

Its founder, Hope Makhavhu, said the company also purifies water from septic tanks in rural areas, making it suitable for watering plants.

He told this publication that to date he has created employment for dozens of unemployed youth in the province.

“Reducing community problems is important in building a successful business. We saw the issues rural communities faced with hygienic facilities and access to clean water and we set out to see what difference we could make,” Said Makhavhu.

LutendoMccrae, of the youth-owned agricultural initiative, Vhu-Matshelo Crop Farming.

This 2016finalist said this cooperative aims to help address youth unemployment by creating market opportunities for young farmers through agro-processing.

“Young people are not well-represented in farming. We wanted to create a space where they could actively be part of the exciting opportunities for the sector and change the illusion  that farming is meant only for old people,”He said.


Did you know?

  • The foundation is run according to a guiding principle of sustainability, and supports a broad spectrum of projects in all nine provinces.
  • The foundation also provides considerable support in the form of infrastructure development in rural schools in order to address the imbalances in the delivery of quality.
  • The foundation’s CSI portfolio’s are run according to the themes of education, health, environment, enterprise development, food security, rural education infrastructure development and social and community development.
  • Over the years, the Foundation ‘s continued and consistent commitment to touching lives of the people in the communities where they operate has positioned them as one of the leaders in CSI.
















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