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Thumbs up for newly elected Gauteng Fort Hare Alumni leaders

Nie Cele

University of Fort Hare Alumni members .

Gauteng based Fort Hare University Alumni association members recently converged to elect a new committee at Ubuntu Kraal in Soweto.

These former students and lectures of this greatest institution came from the length and breadth of this province and were led by the outgoing chairman Cassy Mabelane who told the attendants that he was relieved that the meeting finally took place because of absenteeism that stalled the get-togethers in the past.


But as soon as the members trickled in in dribs and drabs, He looked relieved and thankful like a graduate who has just satisfied the requirements to be admitted for the Bachelor’s degree.

Deliberations in that important meeting lasted for almost two hours. During the nominations it was unanimously agreed that in future members were allowed to co-opt other members who were absent in the leadership structure.

Since it was women’s month,Nomazotsha Memani asked the members to bow and honour all the abused men and women.

“The issue of gender violence is not for women only,” Memani pointed.


As the meeting progressed, Klaas Jongi was elected the new Chairperson and Memani as the second in charge.

Jongi told this publication that as members of the Alumni they are not expecting to be worshipped or coronated.

“Even if hard times comes, we should be able to carry on and continue lifting that institution as custodians.

It is our role to see what can we do for the institution while we are still alive,” He said.

Jongi also pointed out that people from abroad treasure everything that shaped their lives.

“There is a need to learn to protect and treasure our institutions here in our country as well.

Pressed about the role of this committee, He said.

“This is a platform to plough back to our institution. This will also afford us networking opportunities where we can discuss and arrange fundraising events.”

See below the structure of the committee members.

Mokgoro Molema -organizer.

Tshepo Mofokeng -Treasurer.

Bongiwe Hobololo -Secretary.

Philani Nongogo-Deputy Secretary.

John Loabile-Organiser for Joburg.

Mckenzie Ndlovu-Additional member.

Marks Tlhakanye-Additional National member.

Thabo Makupula-Volunteered to be an additional member

Did you know?

  • University of Fort Hare is a public university in Alice, Eastern CapeSouth Africa.
  • It was a key institution of higher education for black Africans from 1916 to 1959.
  • It offered a Western-style academic education to students from across sub-Saharan Africa, creating a black African elite.
  • Fort Hare alumni were part of many subsequent independence movements and governments of newly independent African countries.
  • In 1959, the university was subsumed by the apartheid  system, but it is now part of South Africa’s post-apartheid public higher education system.
  • It is known for its notable alumni, which include several heads of state and Nobel prize
  • The Alumni Association is made up of chapters, which are groups of alumni that are located in the same geographical area.


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