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Gauteng Province will be well resourced in 2020

Nie Cele

Gauteng citizens can now toast, celebrate with merymaking and buoyancy despite economic tough times before ushering into 2020. This follows provincial government announcement that additional resources and rollovers has been allocated to the provincial departments for the upcoming year. This was revealed recently during the Midterm Medium Budget Statement that was tabled last month by Finance  MEC Nomantu Nkomo-Ralehoko.

See below how additional resources and rollovers will impact of the lives of the Gauteng citizens.


  • Economic Development receives an additional amount of R33.4 million for the Gauteng Gambling Board business automation project which will enhance revenue maximisation in the gambling environment.
  • Social Development’s budget is adjusted upwards by R60.7 million primarily to accommodate repairs and maintenance of existing facilities.
  • Health is allocated additional resources of R320.2 million primarily for the planning and procurement of the Occupational Health and Safety, Repairs and Refurbishment maintenance programme and for projects that are currently at construction stage.

The department also receives a total of R59 million for the Health Revenue Incentive Scheme of which R56 million is for the payment of revenue collecting agencies, and R3 million is for the procurement of 3 to 4 computers and a network printer to be used by revenue assigned officials in the top 15 institutions.

  • Roads and Transport receives an additional allocation of R91.4 million for the maintenance and repairs of existing roads in the province.
  • Community Safety is allocated an additional R5.5 million in order to settle accruals on the G-fleet account plus an additional R1.6 million is made available to reimburse the department for expenditure incurred on behalf of the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC).
  • Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development: The department received an additional allocation of R5.6 million for the implementation and operationalisation of Isigayo Milling plant in Randfontein as part of its focus on value-add through agro-processing.


The details of equitable share rolled over from the 2018-19 financial year to the 2019-20 financial year are stated below:

  • Economic Development receives a total rollover of R23.7 million of which R14.7 million is for payment of outstanding invoices related to the procurement of ICT equipment as well as the maintenance of metal detectors and the payment of rental expenses.  R7.1 million is for accruals.

The remaining balance is made up of R917 000 for the payment of intergovernmental debt and R944 000 for commitments emanating from the Consumer Buzz Project.

  • Education is granted a total rollover of R46.2 million in order to settle unpaid invoices of which R20.7 million is for municipal services and R25.5 million is for school furniture.
  • Human Settlements has been given a roll over amounting to R26.3 million. This money includes R12 million for the payment of invoices in respect of the procurement of tools of trade for employees, R8.9 million for property rates and taxes and R5.4 million for data migration and testing, application development, system administrative services and database administration.
  • Community Safety receives a rollover of R11.7 million of which R7.9 million is for the procurement of safety kiosks, R2.4 million is for the procurement of firearms and R1.4 million is for the procurement of and installation of lifts at the Ikhaya Lethemba building.
  • Agriculture and Rural Development is granted a rollover amounting to R3.2 million for transfers to the Agriculture Research Council to fund a research project. Additional commitments that will be funded through these resources include the Plant Pest Identification and Sebokeng Zone 10 Agri-Park, Eikenhoff Irrigation Project, Hydrophonic Tunnel Repairs, Production Service Video and Biotechnology programme.
  • Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation receives a total rollover of R8 million for commitments associated with the completion of infrastructure projects and other operational costs.

Conditional grants adjusted upwards as a result of the rollover of unspent funds from the 2018/19 financial year are as follows:

  • Comprehensive HIV, Aids Grant and TB Grant: R9 million is approved as a rollover for the payment of invoices for the procurement of medicine.
  • Health Professions Training and Development Grant: R33.2 million is approved as a rollover to pay for the procurement of medical and allied equipment dedicated towards the training of registrars.
  • National Tertiary Services Grant: R252.2 million is approved as a rollover of unspent funding from the 2018/19 financial year to enable the department to pay invoices related to the procurement of medical equipment for various institutions.
  • Human Papillomavirus Vaccine (HPV) Grant: R5.4 million is rolled over for the payment of invoices in relation to training, material, travel claims and medicine for the provision of vaccines aimed at reducing the incidence of cervical cancer amongst the target group.
  • Human Settlements Development Grant: the department is allocated a rollover of R49.4 million to honour certain contractual commitments in respect of various projects pertaining to the creation of sustainable and integrated human settlements.
  • Title Deeds Restoration Grant: a rollover of R4.3 million is approved to enable the department to fund contractual commitments.
  • Comprehensive Agricultural Support Programme Grant: R1.6 million is rolled over to allow the department to pay invoices which could not be settled before year-end.

Info supplied by the department.

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