Starting a business is simple. You take a great idea and a passionate drive to see it come to life, combine it with a fantastic Go-To-Market Strategy and the rest is history, right? Unfortunately, not. “Approximately 50% of all start-up businesses in South Africa fail within 24 months.

One of the main reasons for the premature failure is that they are started as survivalist ventures. It is almost inevitable for them to fail because their owners do not have the skills, experience or resources to build a sustainable business,” says Ravi Govender – Head of Small Enterprises at Standard Bank. What if big ideas and start up passion could be supported with sound insights and resources that can be used as tangible stepping stones to a fully sustainable business? CWDi Group CEO, Lesley Waterkeyn together with her sister Sandy van Dijk have written a simple, easy to follow book takes all the What If’s experienced along the entrepreneurial gauntlet and turns them into How To’s – In Seven easy to follow steps.

With over 20 years’ experience as an entrepreneur and now Group CEO of CWDi, Lesley’s inherent driving force is to help other entrepreneurs succeed in their business ventures. She played a pivotal role in the 67 Logos Designathon movement – An initiative that gives 67 designers the opportunity to design a uniquely crafted logo for 67 small businesses that are looking for a professional logo to kick start their businesses into full gear, which is now in its second year. She also co-founded, with her sister Sandy, Over the Rainbow – a social enterprise that empowers young entrepreneurs with the knowledge, skills and connections that will enable them to succeed. Lesley and Sandy have now leveraged their passion for entrepreneurial opportunity and hands on experience to co-author The Entrepreneurs Playbook:

From Rookie to Rainmaker in Seven Steps. This book outlines the seven stages of business development that must be mastered for a new entrepreneur to achieve business success, and takes the reader through each of these stages, simply and succinctly. From getting to grips with business basics, to becoming proficient at branding, marketing and sales, comprehending finances and leadership as well as achieving sustainable growth and being able to meaningfully contribute to the wider business community; all facets of starting and more importantly sustaining a new business are touched on. Apart from the relevant content, the creative approach to the actual layout of the book makes it completely different to anything out there. Clearly defined sections that are quick and easy to reference coupled with gorgeous, colourful and vibrant content makes it a visual feast for the reader. Whether it’s some quick advice needed between meetings, or a longer workshop over coffee; this book is destined to become a number one go-to resource for entrepreneurs, across all industries. Creating compelling stories, leading to authentic engagement is at the core of everything that CWDi does.

This book follows suit by creating a compelling guide that gives entrepreneurs the tools for creating their very own unique business stories, and ultimately bringing them to life – successfully, and sustainably. The Entrepreneurs Playbook: From Rookie to Rainmaker in Seven Steps will be launching in Sandton at the Radisson Blu Gautrain Hotel on the 4th of June 2019. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Notes to the editor CWDi is an award-winning marketing agency, specialising in brand experiences that connect people. The company has its roots in collaboration and entrepreneurship, with Colourworks and Designers Ink merging in 2019 to form one creative powerhouse, dedicated to solving business challenges with creative solutions. CWDi is 52% black women owned company that operates from offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg, working with clients throughout Africa and across the globe. United in the common goal of bringing big ideas to life, the organisation is able to do more together than ever before, delivering quality work that is bold, courageous and creative. Kind Regards,

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