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The City of Johannesburg has launched Metrobus’s new Intelligent Transport System in the age of digital revolution.

As a first of its kind in Africa, the Intelligent Transport System is a big part of the city’s transformative journey towards becoming a smart city as stipulated in the priorities for the current leadership the Government of Local Unity.

The system comprises three parts: an Automated Fare Collection System, Eye-On-The-Bus and Wi-Fi, which has state-of-the-art digital capabilities.

“The platforms are intended to modernise urban mobility and improve the ease and efficiency of travel within the City of Johannesburg,” says Metrobus acting managing director Luyanda Gidini.

According to Metrobus acting chairman of the board Lemarco Mitchell, the new system has a lot of benefits for the city and most importantly for commuters.

Mitchell says the Eye-On-The-Bus is a game changer in optimising operations and ensuring the reliability of Metrobus services.

This cutting-edge system provides real-time monitoring on the buses, allowing the entity to track and locate and monitor fuel consumption as well as the ability to schedule maintenance efficiently.

“These capabilities will result in an improved and enhanced safety for passengers. By harnessing the power of technology we are taking a significant step in making the transportation system more efficient and dependable,” says Mitchell.

He adds that in an increasingly connected world, the internet has also become a necessity, which is why Wi-Fi was introduced on the buses to allow commuters to be always connected.

Mitchell says the automated fair collecting system will result in a much easier travelling process for the drivers and the commuter. “This system will by a stretch simplify the ticketing process by making it more convenient for passengers but also efficient for Metrobus.  The new system will enable commuters to effortlessly tap their smart cards, scan payment with their phones to pay for the fairs. This not only speeds up the boarding process but also reduces the risk of money loss for passengers and the entity,” he says.

Some of the corporate advantages include the ability to do bus planning, scheduling and dispatching. It also boasts a fleet management and a passenger information system and will effectively contribute to a reduction in accidents.

The Member of the Mayoral Committee for Transport in the City of Johannesburg,  Kenny Kunene, said he was happy that Metrobus was taking a giant leap into a future towards a safe, efficient and technologically enabled eco-mobility.

“When I first joined the city in the transport portfolio, there were requests to shut down the operations of Metrobus. However, I gave myself a challenge that we have to bring Metrobus back, we have to make sure that it survives,” said MMC Kunene.

Kunene revealed, when the Executive Director of Transport Dorothy Mabuza approached him with the idea from the Department, he knew that with the right planning and strategy Metrobus would make a success and continue being the mode of transport for so many commuters.

MMC  also mentioned that with the launch of the system, a lot of crime will be eradicated and revenue will hopefully increase because drivers and passengers will now be able to be held to account for trips taken and fare paid.

“We can now proudly announce that we are going to test with the view of implementing the Intelligent Transport Systems, which is a first of its kind for bus operations in the whole of Africa. At the centre of a smart city is smart mobility. What we have achieved with the system is unique and has never been done before,” said Kunene.


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