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The City of Johannesburg (CoJ) Human Settlements Development Project in Goudrand, Region C, is starting to bear fruit since its inception in around 2018.

This week, MMC for Human Settlements Anthea Leitch visited the site to check on its ongoing progress.

The development will ultimately yield more than 10,000 residential units, including 3,500 RDPs, as well as social housing, affordable rentals, First Home Finance (formerly Flisp), bonded homes and serviced stands for people to build their own homes.

The enormous site covers eight separate wards in the CoJ and will bring with it an expansion of infrastructure and community facilities. The project includes the construction of new water and sewer systems, stormwater drainage, a new water tower, substation, roads, parks, electricity supply, and bulk and link infrastructure.

Goudrand will include essential social facilities including schools, hospitals and commercial areas, ensuring residents have access to education, healthcare, and economic opportunities close to their community.

As from October, Human Settlements MMC Anthea Leitch plans to start with a first round of launches, beginning with handing over 407 serviced stands. This initiative is relatively novel, not just in Johannesburg, but throughout South Africa, and affords residents a fully serviced plot of land on which they can build their own home in whatever style they choose. This is a response to the cries of South Africans to be empowered to take charge of their own lives and this project will be monitored closely to see if it can be repeated successfully in years to come.

In November, the MMC plans to hand over 294 new RDP units, with a further 570 to expectedly be ready for handover by December.

Project beneficiaries will include residents from the Braamfischerville informal settlement, Florida/Roodepoort 1996/1997 applicants, the Sol Plaatje, Zamimphilo and Scomplaas informal settlements, along with other special cases.

MMC Leitch says: “The Goudrand development project is an embodiment of our vision for an inclusive, prosperous, and sustainable Johannesburg. We are committed to working tirelessly to complete this project on schedule and to the highest standards, ensuring that every resident can enjoy the benefits of this transformative initiative.”

Beyond the first 10,000 units, the project also has further scope for growth since old mine dumps surrounding the area are slated for removal. Once these areas have been rehabilitated, as much as another 5,000 homes could be built where they stood.

The MMC has extended her appreciation to the dedicated teams, partner organisations and the community for their support and contribution to this ambitious project and further notes that “together, we are building a brighter and more equitable future for the City of Johannesburg”.


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