Mo -Wash units are indispensable in Mzansi

Nie Cele

Ever heard of a mobile hand washing units? If not peruse the following story considerately.

Two Gauteng based astute business partners have unleashed a state of the art and user friendly mobile hand washing units that can be used at any social gathering or corporate events. 

These blue chip ground-breaking products that promotes hand hygiene, while conserving water are the brainchild of two smart budding entrepreneurs Godfrey Sono and Sibusiso Vilakazi.

According to them they saw a gap in the market hence they successfully launched this first of its kind mo-Wash units. This stand-alone, fully automatic portable unit requires no plumbing or drainage, providing a cost-effective hygiene solution at functions such as funerals, weddings and outdoor events.

They also revealed, their motivation gained momentum  after noting that public events are a huge part of South African culture.

Their snap survey findings also convinced them that one such occasion is at traditional funerals, where it is customary to wash hands after the graveside visit.

The two shrewd business partners equally share the noble believe that washing of hands is a very important part of African culture.

 But also contend that sometimes, it can be quite unhygienic as often, because many people wash their hands in one basin.

They also point out that in other instances; there are many outdoor events that have mobile ablution systems, but no adequate hygienic facilities for one to wash hands afterwards.

Both of them champiom that regular hand washing can help prevent illness and is one of the best ways to remove germs, avoid getting sick, and prevent the spread of germs to others.

Their argument also support  Statistics findings  showing that up to 80% of communicable diseases are transferred by touch, adding that proper hand washing can reduce diarrhoea rates by 40% and respiratory infections by close to 20%.

Pressed to describe in detail their new find demand units?

They unanimously argued “mo-Wash is a mobile hand-washer unit that provides event organisers with a cost-effective solution to the challenge of maintaining hygiene at outdoor functions and events.

 “The mo-Wash has a hands-free water delivery system with a timer that controls water flow, a solar panel to power the water station, plus a battery option, and even Wi-Fi. The Mo-Wash unit delivers a powerful 10-second wash, but the owner can adjust the settings according to his or her needs.

Sono also stressed that, mo-Wash is dedicated to educating the public on the importance of hand washing rituals and the role they play in preventing the spread of diseases.

“In our mission to do this, we visit schools across South Africa to instil the importance of learning how to clean one’s hands properly from an early age, we show them water-saving techniques, as well as the impact that hand washing has on the communities around them,” Sono argued.


  • Frost & Sullivan, a business-consulting firm involved in market research and analysis, has also given the mo-Wash unit their stamp of approval, awarding the start-up with the 2018 Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award.
  • mo-Wash provides a creative solution to prevent transferable diseases by using off-the-grid power to dispense water and soap for those that require access to sanitation facilities at private or public gatherings, while also promoting water conservation.”
  • mo-Wash units are available to rent to event organisers needing hygienic mobile hand washers for weddings, funerals, sports events, corporate events, public events and under privileged schools

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