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17 April 2018 – A FIFA World Cup in Morocco will benefit the continent and all football stakeholders at large, a member of the Morocco bid company has argued.

Articulating why of all four countries, Morocco should win the hosting rights of the 2026 FIFA World Cup, Joseph-Antoine Bell who is a member of the Morocco bid representatives gave five ‘good’ reasons. The other countries vying to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup which will comprise a 48-team tournament are Canada, Mexico and the USA.

Antoine Bell said Morocco of all the four bidding countries was compact, which meant short travel distances between venues, something he said was ideal for the players. He said on top of this, the country had top hotels and boasted modern sport infrastructures, most of which had been refurbished for the competition.

Morocco provides affordability and accessibility especially for African and European fans who will find the country rich and diverse for tourists. The North Africans rank among the most stable countries on the continent and its geographical location is ideal for most of football followers all over the world.

Antoine Bell said FIFA was assured of maximum profits from the TV rights and the Moroccan government had committed itself to making sure the tournament faces no hiccups by giving its 100 percent support.

Morocco is an emerging economy, had a unifying leadership on the continent and hosting a FIFA World Cup would leave a strong legacy on the African continent.

Morocco’s message of peace and tolerance would go a long way in fostering unity on the globe.


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