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Andile ZingitwaPic by Gladwell Ntusi

Lenin saw socialism as a strata in transit to achieve a far left political hegemony known as communism, an antagonist to capitalism. Through socialism, he was able to nationalize the entire economy of Russia and one of his popular policies to the Bolchevicks was known as the ‘dictatorship of the proletariats’, where the working class were taking charge of the day to day running of the economy.

Good as it was for the proletariats, the other class that owned means of production, the bourgeoisie class was excluded. The true picture about any democratic country, in particular, South Africa is the encumbent responsibility bestowed upon its shoulder to take care of its citizens across all classes of society. It is in line with these facts that relevant social responsibility programmes advancing the needs of the poor should without doubt be adhered to. Free water and sanitation must continue to be the basic right to the poor.

Affordable housing as well as dignified health care must be evident to the needy South Africans. Be that as it may, revenue needs to come from somewhere so we can keep the wheel of social responsibility running like a well oiled machine. This means the investment playfield must be levelled to encourage economic growth to those figures that were a talk of the town in the financial year 2005-2006. Surely this cannot be achieved by overtaxing both the business and the middle class, but through creative integrated means that speak to total revenue collection.

It is for such reasons we welcome the City of Johannesburg’s solutions to billing issues such as frequent audit of property, recruitment of skilled and qualified professionals, as well as the enforcement of consequences and performance management among other things. An effective government is that which is able to find a common ground between two extremes, that which is able to realize and forge a healthy working relation between the first and second economies in line with the principle of economic intra-dependency.

This is the whole rationale behind the balance of class contradictions because no class in any given society in the world can exist without the presence of the other. It is only in the united South Africa where a fruit salad of contrary polar policies can work for all the citizens to bring about a better standard of living. I SUBMIT.

Zingitwa is a Pharmacist by profession and a freelance scriber for this Publication.

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