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Eskom leading a micro-economic agenda

Andile Zingitwa

Notwithstanding the furore informed by  the nefarious  actions executed by Eskom board members lead by Dr Ben Ngubane, which defy corporate governance around the Brian Molefe saga, we however celebrate the initiatives Eskom took to resurrect the oblivious micro-economic empowerment.

This was brought about by their corporate social investment programme known as the Eskom Development Foundation through conducting a competition for Small and Medium Enterprises named the Business Investment Competition. The latter vehicle seeks to inculcate a culture of competitiveness in [SMEs] by all intents and purposes to achieve job creation.

The labour relations law defines a designated employer as someone who are able to employ at least twenty five employees in their employ, which is in that context of advancement Eskom seeks to shape. This may appear to be a drop in an ocean given the high unemployment rate we are faced with, however, if many blue chip companies can follow Eskom, a lot can be achieved which may subsequently reduce the unbecoming gini –coefficience[the gap between the haves and the have not] in South Africa.

I hope that the competition shall be a success and help to grow well deserving entrepreneurs through skills assessment and competition as was the case with participants who won the competition in 2016. I SUBMIT.

Zingitwa is a Pharmacist by profession and a freelance scriber for this Publication.

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