Mzansi people can KO COVID-19 Pandemic if they practise the do’s and the dont’s

Andile Zingitwa


It is encouraging to see that fellow South Africans are

teaming up in the quest to arrest this worldwide outbreak of Corona virus.Given that there is neither cure nor vaccine currently available, the best we can do is to embark on the basic tenets of hygiene and sanitation as prescribed by the National Institute of Communicable Diseases under the umbrella of the World Health Organisation.

One finds solace from the fact that regardless of our economic calamities accompanied by undesirable Gini-coeficience, we have  registered few  mortalities  and are sitting at morbidity of more than 1000  cases who have tested positively, whom we wish for a speedy recovery. Taking to cognisance that there are more than a 1000 people who tested positive, most of whom have been put on supportive treatment and some have already recovered and people do adhere to a call to self quarantine, we may reach a plateau sooner than it is expected.

The fact that our nation is speaking with one voice regardless of political affiliations could not have come at a right time.

What will see us more victorious is to de-stigmatize the condition and rally behind one another with members of the fourth estate continuing to disseminate the information and educating the masses in line with the WHO guidelines.


Zingitwa is a Pharmacist. He writes in his personal capacity.

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