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12 October 2018 – The Assistant Referee who wrongly disallowed a Mamelodi Sundowns goal during the recent Bloemfontein Celtic / Sundowns league encounter has been sanctioned by SAFA for failing to fully comprehend and apply the Offside Law 11.

Assistant referee, Edward Madidilani who was running the lines during the game, flagged for offside what was supposed to be a legitimate goal.

The SAFA Review Committee, after going through the video footage, decided to demote Madidilani to officiate in the SAB League for the next eight weeks in a bid to improve his understanding, interpretation and application of Law 11.

Mr Enock Molefe, who is a seasoned technical instructor, has been given the responsibility of assisting Madidilani. The former international referee will submit Madidilani’s progress report on week 4 and 8 of the sanction period.

SAFA head of referees, Tenda Masikhwa said the sanction was part of the corrective measures the Association applies to officials who might have sidetracked.

“Following a wrong offside call by Assistant Referee (Edward) Madidilani, which had a direct impact on the outcome of the match, SAFA has endorsed the recommendation of the Review Committee which is to push Madidilani down to officiate in the SAB League for the next 8 weeks.

“The Mamelodi Sundowns goal was wrongly disallowed for offside and we had to take action against such flagrant failure to correctly apply Law 11,” said Masikhwa.


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