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Foreign Nationals wanted out of Soweto

Nie Cele

Picture by Bongani One of the looted, vandalized and deserted foreign nationals spaza shop in Soweto
Picture by Bongani
One of the looted, vandalized and deserted foreign nationals spaza shop in Soweto

In a twist of events, recent looting spree on foreign nationals shops could soon resurface on a larger scale. This follows resolutions raised in a meeting by concerned Soweto business owners at the Donaldson Orlando Community Centre. Speakers at the packed to the rafters hall blasted provincial government politicians in what they termed failure to address the issue. First in the line of fire was Premier David Makhura, who was accused of visiting the foreign national camp in Mayfair after the first looting spree. One speaker said, “He has never met us to hear our concerns, yet he has a nerve to visit these people.”

Another salvo was aimed at Lindiwe Zulu, Minister of Small Business for postponing to address the issue. One gatvol speaker said, “We had a beautiful township before these people came here. They walk around and trade freely to an extent that they even sleep with our kids. Our people were never allowed to trade when they were in exile. Government must give them land where they can stay and trade, We are going to fight tooth and nail to drive them out of the township and if we lose this one Soweto is gone.”

Betty Stuart, one of the co-coordinators of the meeting told the audience that her parents managed to pay her fees using money generated in a spaza shop. “Today I cant send my kids to university because of these people. There is too many of them and If we don’t drive them out of the township, our kids will end up cleaning for these people.” Herbert Rantlago, a spaza shop owner in Braamfischer, said, “We are trying to earn a living by running spaza shops. And we cant compete with these people because they are hugely funded by their masters. They must be kept in a refugee camp where they can compete amongst themselves.”

Meanwhile at a media briefing in the legislature Makhura told journalists that this matter was of great concern for his office. “Communities are reacting differently to this issue. I will never encourage attitude towards them.” He pointed out that a dialogue will be conveyed in May where a proper plan is going to be discussed on how local business people can work together with their foreign counterparts

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