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If you want to be different,  stylish, fashionable, futuristic   and prefer to use a high powered technology   day to day  vehicles, Don’t look anywhere else Chery Group has come up with a car that meets all the above mentioned needs.

During the recent test driving organised for the media and dealers, I personally experience a comfort, cosiness and a luxurious drive out of this world in my driving experience that spans   a decade and a half.

“This is one car that has changed my belief in small cars.”


 OMODA, South Africa’s newest vehicle brand, is officially on the road.

Launched by the Chery Group, OMODA is the product of a clean-slate approach by the group’s designers, engineers and technicians. Nothing was sacred, no holds were barred, and every idea was considered.

This fresh approach is also captured in the name OMODA. As a global model, the name of “OMODA” was selected from more than 10 000 naming proposals in more than 30 countries around the world, which shows the attention on and expectation of the Chery Group’s global fans for OMODA. 

OMODA comes from the Latin root, “O” is derived from oxygen, indicating new life and vitality, and “MODA” which comes from “Modern”, which signifies the brand’s focus on a modern and fashionable lifestyle. 

The brand OMODA represents the in-depth insight and focus on youth, diversification and globalisation. It openly embraces these young and young at heart users that seek out the modern, the new and the cutting edge and makes OMODA a global pioneer. It also gives it significant brand strength from the start.

The first product to come out of the OMODA laboratories is the OMODA C5. This sporty compact-sized sport utility vehicle (SUV) is fitted with a high-power 1.5 litre turbo petrol engine and offers unmatched levels of luxury and technology.

Fresh and stylish

There is no arguing that the OMODA C5 has no visual comparison on the South African auto market. The model was designed using OMODA’s new Art in Motion design language. 

This sleek, sporty SUV has large wheels (up to 18” alloys), a sloping roof that rests on darkened roof pillars for a floating look and a seamlessly integrated star diamond grille that is truly unique.

The multi-dimensional grille is the centre piece of the OMODA look, and it blends into thin T-Sharp designed daytime running lights and bright upright-mounted front headlamps. The OMODA brand is proudly displayed on the sculpted bonnet. 

This mix of seamlessly flowing curves and sharp lines (in the DRLs) is repeated on the side profile, which was mathematically calculated to play with the surrounding light. This includes an accentuated hip line and various concave and convex curves in the doors and fenders.

At the rear, the unique OMODA design includes a dual stacked roof spoiler and multi-dimensional rear lights, dubbed X-Wing lights for their use of sharp lines and multiple LEDs.

Many of the unique elements are further enhanced with contrasting red highlights on the Elegance S-model. These show up, for instance, on the inside planes of the alloy wheels, on the front skirt, on the side mirrors and the stacked rear wings.

Overall, the accentuated hip line and floating roof work together to create a wide body profile for a sportier curb appeal. 

Open the door to the future

 If the exterior design of the OMODA C5 promises a futuristic experience, then the interior surely delivers.

“The OMODA C5 is one of the most futuristic models that has ever come out of the Chery Group. Starting with a blank slate, our engineers were able to experiment with a unique man-machine interface, while keeping many of the innovations that are beloved by our Group clients, like voice commands and a seamless digital interface,” said Tony Liu, Executive General Manager Chery Group SA.

The futuristic experience starts with the dual high resolution 10.25” digital displays that are highly customisable. These touch-sensitive screens allow for multiple ways of displaying vehicle, safety and entertainment information. It also includes, among many other items, a wireless interface with mobile phones, using either Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

Linked to the dual screens is a 64-colour ambient lighting system. This lighting system has been intelligently integrated with the vehicle functions, allowing the occupants to set the ambient lighting depending on vehicle mode or, for instance, to change colour when the vehicle is locked or unlocked.

The system can even link to the three-dimensional SONY sound system to create appropriate lighting for different music moods.

Just below the dual screens is a new INS multi-touch and multi-colour luminous air conditioning control panel. This is a brand-new technology that conveys climate-control information through the use of the digital display, while also adapting the controls based on circumstances and usage.

It is worth noting that the climate-control system is self-cleaning and has high-grade filtering built in for the cleanest interior air.

To the right of the climate-control system is a three-dimensional start-stop button. The OMODA C5 can also be started remotely with the key fob.

Lastly, the use of shift-by-wire technology allows for a slim centre control stack with a large charging pad and a compact great shifter. This also allows for hidden storage under the centre stack.

The list of luxury features requires several pages to list in full, but highlights include intelligent wireless charging, dual 12 V charging ports, voice commands, sport seats, USB ports for both rows of occupants, remote control from the key fob for the climate control system and soft damping on the grab handles and glove box.

For buyers of the Elegance and Elegance S versions of the OMODA C5, there are even more luxuries inside the cabin. This includes power adjustment and ventilation for both the driver (6 ways) and passenger (4 ways), a powered sunroof that is also voice activated, a more powerful 8-speaker SONY sound system, additional ambient lighting in the rear passenger compartment and a full 360-degree camera system for a panoramic view of the vehicle.

The Elegance models also have a powered tailgate as standard.

Five-star safety

The OMODA C5 reached global headlines when it received a full five-star safety rating from the strict NCAP crash-test authorities. Not satisfied, OMODA is seeking a similar grading from each of the global safety authorities located in North America, Australia and Asia.

At the heart of this high safety rating is the OMODA safety cell. This cell uses 78% very high strength steel with in-built energy channels to offer its occupants the best possible safety.

All versions of the OMODA C5 have six airbags, including front, front side and full-length curtain airbags. All models also have ISOFIX child seat anchors, smart seatbelt pre-tensioning, ABS brakes linked to all four disc brakes, tyre-pressure monitoring and electronic stability program (ESP) as standard.

Safety is further taken care of by front and rear parking sensors, emergency brake signalling through the rear LED lights, speed control with the option of speed limiting and emergency brake assistance.
For buyers of the Elegance models, OMODA will offer a full range of Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS). These systems include automatic high-beam / low-beam switching, adaptive cruise control, rear cross traffic alerts, traffic-sign recognition, blind-spot monitoring, lane-keep assistance and lane-departure warning and forward-collision warning. 

The OMODA C5 Elegance and Elegance S also have automatic emergency braking and an innovative emergency lane keep assist as standard. This gives the OMODA C5 a level 2.5 autonomous driving rating.

High-powered range

Powering the OMODA C5 is a high-output 1.5 litre turbo petrol engine.

This engine utilises many of the newest innovations from the Chery Group for the lowest possible energy loss through heat dissipation. 

The engine delivers 115 kW and 230 Nm of torque through a continuously variable transmission (CVT) with nine in-built steps. The system has been tested to deliver a combined fuel consumption of only 6.9 litres per 100 km.

To make best use of this high-performance engine, the OMODA C5 is fitted with several driving modes, including ECONOMY and SPORT.

Welcome to the O-Universe

OMODA will not only offer its customers a new-look vehicle with the highest possible level of technology, it will also welcome them to a unique and exclusive O-Universe.

The O-Universe gives OMODERs (as they will be known) access to exclusive experiences, first-to-know information on new models and a range of gear and clothing that are exclusive to OMODA.

The range of features and benefits is grouped in four categories, namely:

O-CLUB: Without fear of taking risks, with extraordinary thinking, being creative and willing to accept new things…O-CLUB is the exclusive fan community of OMODERs, we will build a global virtual social platform, where we can play together with global users, share the same heart, and keep creating good memories…

O-LIFE: O-LIFE advocates the concept of green low-carbon, environmental protection and energy saving brought by high technology, representing the future life scenes of intelligent ecology + intelligent life.

O-LAB:  O-LAB is a future-oriented research platform as well as a laboratory for co-creation of creativity and inspiration. We keep developing, researching and creating new technologies, sharing and experimenting with every user; innovating and practicing with every user, and exploring every uncharted territory together.

O-FASHION: O-FASHION is a technology-driven aesthetic concept, integrating minimalism and futurism, representing the aesthetic trend of the future crowd. It also embraces a highly intelligent wearable fashion combo with an advanced design concept that presents a futuristic aesthetic style.
Range, reach and support

Three models of the OMODA C5 are now available in South Africa. They are:

OMODA C5 Tech: R447 900
This model has fabric seats, 17” wheels and the full digital infotainment system.
OMODA C5 Elegance: R507 900
This model has leather upholstery, the full complement of ADAS and digital entertainment features and climate control. 
OMODA C5 Elegance S: R509 900
Offering all of the OMODA C5 Elegance features, as well as the additional red exterior design highlights.

All versions of the OMODA C5 are backed by a service plan of 5 years / 70 000 km and a mechanical warranty of 5 years or 150 000 km. An additional engine warranty of 10 years or 1 million kilometres are also included.

OMODA will also be supported by the Chery Group’s established large parts warehouse, roadside-support team and customer-care office.


  • South Africa is the first country in Africa to welcome OMODA.
  • OMODA C5 is the first model to arrive in Mzansi.
  • High level of technology and luxury, is starting from R447 900.


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