10 November 2018 – Aspiring professional coaches will now have an opportunity to work towards their CAF coaching license badges after it was announced that CAF’s A, B and C coaching courses will resume in February next year.

The announcement, which was made at CAF’s recent Technical and Development Committee meeting which took place in Cairo, Egypt on Thursday (9 November 2018), comes after a year-long halt where CAF was busy reworking on their coaching manuals.

SAFA’s Head of Women’s Football and Assistant Technical Director, Fran Hilton-Smith, who attended the 14-member committee meeting, expressed delight that aspiring professional coach who have ambitions of coaching in the elite league one day will now have an opportunity to work towards their dreams.

“This is good news because in order for one to serve as a coach in any of our SAFA leagues, they need to have at least have a CAF B license qualification.

“These are great tidings because those who have such ambitions will now have an opportunity to work towards their dream, come next year.”

Among other topics of discussion according to Hilton-Smith is that CAF is now busy working on a plan to finally have their own Pro coaching licence available as a course.

Fran Hilton-Smith however said the time and date of that is being finalised and will be communicated by CAF in due course.


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