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I’M GOING to put to the league executive committee to make it compulsory to take a portion of the players’ signing-on-fee and put it away. They need our help,” said Dr Irvin Khoza.

We will force players’ to save says Dr Khoza!

‘Lieutenant’ Dr Khoza was quoted at the 10 year anniversary celebrations of the multibillion deal PSL has with SuperSport.

His call follows the sad story of players’ dying as paupers and penniless but during their heydays, they lived a luxury life.

If accepted by the league executive committee, Premier Soccer League will enforce a rule that will see the league taking a portion of players’ signing on fee and save on their behalf.

“Apart from the salary caps we need to help our players to manage their funds properly.

The ‘Lieutenant’. Dr Irvin Khoza, PSL boss says players must be forced to save.

“If you are 35 you’re still young, but in normal corporate [world], you’re matured. But in football you’re old. If you’ve got another 50 years to live, how are you going to sustain that?”

“That’s why we have psychopaths, schizophrenics, because they can’t deal with the world and everybody is running away from you. I want to change that; for players to make a hard decision. But in the future they’ll say ‘chairman, you and your executive came up with a well- thought-out intervention’,” he added.

Its high time these players’ understand the importance of saving instead of flashing their money all over in the name of opulence.

The South African Players’ Football Union also agrees with Dr Khoza.

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