“I AM pleased to announce the end of an era of patronage with Jozi@Work.

Mashaba scraps Jozi@Work programme!

I maintain that we have to turn the economy of our City around and ensure that real work opportunities are created for our residents,” says the Johannesburg City Mayor Herman Mashaba.

Cracking the whip. Jhb Mayor Herman Mashaba has scrapped the Jozi@Work programme.

The Jozi@Work has been cancelled, reiterated the Mayor, without blinking. And the ANC in Johannesburg is Gatvol.

“These opportunities will benefit the poorest of our City‚ not the overnight millionaires that the City seems to have prioritised in the past.”

Mashaba also claimed that middle men‚ called Capacity Support Agent (CSA)‚ made money from the Jozi@work programme at the expense of the unemployed. “These CSA’s would become rich overnight while many in our communities remained without work opportunities‚” he continued.

In defence, the ANC said: “Today is a sad day for over 8‚000 workers and 112 cooperatives/local companies in Johannesburg.”

The ANC claims that their programme “created thousands of jobs for the unemployed residents of Johannesburg“.

“Through Jozi@Work‚ the ANC government put over R3 billion aside for the benefit of cooperatives and local companies. The move by Mr Mashaba will inevitably take away this money from the poor and unemployed residents of Johannesburg who had found work in the programme.”

The Black Like Me founder said he would launch a new programme that would take six months.
“The work to implement this new programme is projected to take six months‚ awaiting the establishment of a credible indigents list.

Since taking over, there have been slight changes in the city from visible policing and vendors adhering to by-laws.

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