Mandela Bay

The South African Football Association (SAFA) Nelson Mandela Bay Region has elected new National Executive Committee into office.

The new leadership has already hit the ground running with President Simpiwe Mkhangelwa promising a new era in football administration.

“We need service delivery and to up our game with regards to football development. That is what we promised the people of this Region and that is what we should deliver,” he said..

SAFA NMB National Executive Committee
President Simpiwe Mkhangelwa
Vice President Andile Funani
Vice President Nomonde Makuleni
Regional Executive Officer Nkosinathi Faaltein

Other SAFA NMB NEC Members
Mzikayise Quntu
Mlandeli Mambara
Msimelo Booysen
Mandisi Fina
Nigi Kuzuzu
Vuro Sabalele
Mzamo Cakwebe
Khaya Saziwa
Mcedisi Hote

This article was sourced from SAFA website.

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