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Mashaba names his A team

Nie Cele

Newly appointed Johannesburg Executive Mayor Herman Mashaba, believes that It is going to take time to correct years of mismanagement and decay in Johannesburg. Furthermore he appealed for patience from the people of Jozi arguing that there are no short cuts.

“It is time to put our political differences and ideologies aside and work together with a shared vision for the improvement of the lives of our city’s residents, especially the poorest residents of our city that were failed so dismally by previous administrations.”

Speaking to the media for the first time after being sworn in at the Joburg Theatre, he conceded that his administration is faced with great challenges that no party can confront on its own.

“It is time for all of us to roll up our sleeves and get working. We need to start from scratch and step by step build a City that we can all be proud. We were clear in our campaign: The people of Jozi deserve a clean, efficient and responsive administration that takes Joburg forward again.

The former Black Like Me boss also introduced his mayoral committee team, which he said  have an abundance of skills and knowledge pointing out that they are experts in their respective fields. “These are people who will take Africa’s commercial hub forward. They people you see behind me here are not my close friends. This is not any form of payback or cadre deployment”


These are people chosen carefully. The main if not the sole consideration was their ability to deliver and their willingness to serve the people of Johannesburg, especially the under privileged.”


Quoting from Margaret Mead, an Anthropologist. He said, “The team must  prove to be thoughtful, committed people ready to be civil servants with integrity that change the lives of our people, especially the poor who have been neglected for far too long.”


“As we assemble a team this afternoon to lead this great city forward again, we do so understanding the enormous challenge that lies ahead. Over 800 000 of our fellow residents are unemployed – out of school and out of work. The challenge before us is daunting yet not insurmountable.”

He also warned that, this team must create equal opportunities for all. “The team must help us create an enabling environment for business to create jobs in the shortest time possible. The task before us is massive. Time is limited. Five years is not a long time.”


Mashaba also boasted that his team is made up of doctors, a professor, community development activists and, plainly, people who have a deep love for their city, people with a passion for development, and people who want what’s best for this city.



“We must work together to achieve our goals. The people of Joburg expect us to bring about the change we promised. They expect us to translate into reality the DA’s vision for jobs, better services, and an end to corruption which has plagued previous administrations in our city. It is this team,  that must work together to make Johannesburg great again.”


He also stressed that The future of our country depends on Jozi. “ When Johannesburg works, South Africa works. Together we can bring about change that will create jobs, deliver better services and stop corruption.”

See below the Mayoral Committee.

·       MMC for Finance: Dr Rabelani Dagada

·       MMC for Economic Development: Sharon Peetz

·       MMC for Development Planning: Richard Funzela Ngobeni

·       MMC for Environment and Infrastructure Services: Anthony William Still

·       MMC for Housing: Mzobanzi Ntuli

·       MMC for Transport: Nonhlanhla Helen Makhuba

·       MMC for Public Safety: Yao-Heng Michael Sun

·       MMC for Corporate and Shared Services: Dr Valencia Ntombi Khumalo

·       MMC responsible for Community Development: Nonhlanhla Sifumba

·       MMC for Health and Social development: Dr Mpho Phalatse



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Nie Cele


Nie Cele


Nie Cele

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