Anc in council spends millions

Gone are the days of luxury for self-serving political leadership in our City, says Mayor


Johannesburg Executive Mayor Herman Mashaba.

Nie Cele


Newly appointed Joburg Executive Mayor, Herman Mashaba has come out guns blazing and lashed at the ANC’s previous administration in City.


This follows alarming revelation ‘by his office’ that the ANC’s erstwhile run municipality spent a substantial R190 million on travel in 3 years.


Furthermore, He divulged that in the past financial year R73 million of that amount was spent on travel.


In a terse statement released by his office the bellicose mayor stated that, this will come to an end. He also assured residents that he will never abuse their money in this manner.


“While the previous administration can be depicted as one of style over substance, my administration will be one of substance over style”, The statement read.”


“This misuse of public money is deplorable and must be condemned in the strongest terms. This could only have happened in an environment where travel opportunities were handed out to too many people, groups indulged in excessive luxury and, they had no regard for the value of travel to the residents of the City,” Mayor said.


Mashaba also disclosed that, this startling divulgence, has prompted him to chronicle a letter to the City Manager,  Trevor Fowler, requesting the following steps are immediately taken to curb further abuse of public money on travel.



  1. All international travel conducted by any representative of the City, which incurs expenditure for the City, must be approved directly by him in his capacity as Executive Mayor.


  1. This will be considered on a cost/benefit analysis to the residents of the City.

3   A plan must be developed that will see costs of travel reduced drastically by focusing on the following elements:

  • The size of the delegation traveling overseas.
  • The class of hotel accommodation.
  • The length of stay relative to the duration of the commitment.
  • The class of travel on international and domestic travel.
  • Any possible travel allowances that may be afforded.


“I am confident that with the enforcement of a strict travel policy that seeks to limit the costs of travel, this new administration will be able to save millions each year and ensure that we can fulfill two important requirements representing our City overseas at critical events that bring value to our City, and curbing expenditure spent on luxuries that can be redirected for the benefit of our residents.


“We must value certain international travel as a means to foster relations and encourage investment which will facilitate job creation – the number one priority of my administration,” Mashaba pointed.


Meanwhile Eyewitness news recently reported that his counterpart, Newly elected Nelson Mandela Bay Mayor Athol Trollip said officials will no longer be allowed to travel business or first class when flying locally.

Trollip made the decision following his promise to secure R100 million in savings in his first 100 days in office.

The municipality’s Kristoff Adelbert said, officials will only be able to travel economy class at the cheapest fares possible.

“The mayor has decided to prohibit all business and first class travel for officials and public representatives. Under previous administrations, lots of money was spent on luxurious travel. Those days are over; we want to re-channel more to service delivery, growing the economy and to create jobs.”

The implementation of these cost cutting measures comes just weeks after another Democratic Alliance mayor, Tshwane’s Solly Msimanga,turned back 10 luxury vehicles which had been ordered for officials in the previous administration.

Msimanga also banned the purchase and leasing of luxury vehicles.

The cars are said to have cost an estimated R5 million.

According to the Eyewitness news website, The Tshwane mayor has also pressed charges against three senior officials after uncovering hidden forensic reports relating to expenditure, exceeding R90 million, for the renovation of City Hall and the former mayor’s official residence.





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