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We are being sabotaged, says Mayor

Khanyisile Mashinini

Herman Mashaba, is the Executive mayor of Johannesburg. Pic sourced from apso .co.za

City’s led Democratic Alliance (DA) administration says it’s grappling with blatant act of sabotage from some senior officials working against the new dispensation.

Furthermore, the previous administration spent an earth-shattering R153 million in two years on self-promotional advertising and another R193 million in three years on travel.

This was revealed by the Executive mayor, Herman Mashaba who added that his past predecessors spent time promoting an artificial image of the city.

He pointed out that, never before has there be an appreciation of how fraud and corruption has robbed the poorest in the city of the dignity that comes from basic services.

“Just think of the more than 2000 cases totalling over R16 billion under investigation, and think of how our poor communities could have been serviced with that money.


“Instead of claiming that Johannesburg is a World class city, we need to create a contract with the residents to turn the city around and make it work,” Mashaba argued.

The mayor also reasoned that, having a contract with the residents can help the organisation to explain to them the true state of the city and to also provide knowledge on how these challenges relate to government failures.

“Our role is an unconditional responsibility, a contract with our residents to turn this city around and make it work, he said.”

He also defended his administration and said that current biggest challenges cannot be resolved overnight.


“We have to take the residents into our confidence and explain the true state of our city. Every day our residents suffer from these challenges but they have never known why they are so many,” he said.




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