City’s billing system still in turmoil

Khanyisile Mashinini

Herman Mashaba is the Joburg mayor.

Johanesburg’s number one citizen and executive mayor, Herman Mashaba has promised to solve the much-maligned Ping-Pong billing system.

Speaking during a press briefing, Mashaba told the media that his administration has managed to approve and separate powers that allowed human resources to control the city’s IT department. This, he said delayed the fixing of the billing system that has troubled rate payers over the past years.

“Fixing the billing system will ensure that residents are charged fairly and that the city recovers the R5-R10 billion wasted on under-valuable and non-billing of properties, he said”.


Mashaba also promised that his administration was ready to roll out the much spoken about municipal courts that was touted in his state of the city address early this year.


“I am happy to announce that in the next few weeks, we will re-launch these courts back into operation.”

The bellicose mayor also assured the media that his administration was intensifying the fight against fraud and corruption. He appealed to national government to make sure that arrested criminals must be put away to jail.




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