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Are we there yet Mr President?



Nelson Mandela day has come and gone, South Africans across the country from all walks of life young and old reveled and venerated the spirit of the late President Mandela.

In November 2009, the UN General Assembly declared 18 July as Nelson Mandela International Day, in recognition of his contribution to the culture of peace and freedom. The question I ask myself on this 7th anniversary of Mandela day is where are we as a country that was envisaged by the late Tata Mandela?

The current state of affairs of the country is in a deep calamity, we are in a technical recession, the unemployment rate is at 27,7%. The education system is failing a black child, crime is fecund and there is mayhemin the country. In fact if nothing changes we are heading towards a failed state.

South Africa is on an economic regression, the living standard of its black majority is in aominous situation. We need leadership that is incorruptible to steer this country away from its slippery slope to destruction. South Africa is in cavernouscrunch, I cannot fathom the idea of this beautiful country being governed by any other party than the ANC.

When Jacob Zuma became President of the country in 2009, he made promises to continue to deliver on the mandate that was set by the late President Nelson Mandela through the ANC as a party in government. But the current state of affairs in the country does not live one with a positive hope of change that will avert a recession on this calendar year of 2017.

The country needs economic growth, without it, the government under Zuma’s presidency will fail to meet its growing social welfare mandate.

President Zuma’s administration currently does not inculcate confidence in turning the country around by avoiding further downgrades. Economic growth depends on investment, which in turn is dependent on confidence and positive expectations of the country’s future.

The question I ask myself today, as an average South African, reflecting on the current state of affairs, is, am I going to see the ‘Promised Land’ as envisaged by stalwarts and leaders of the ANC including Mandela who are no more.

South Africa finds itself on a crossroads; many things are going wrong in terms of service delivery and growing the economy. I am deliberately not mentioning anything about the state capture and Gupta affairs. I leave that aside and deal with the role of the president in running the country. His term is coming to an end in two years’ time, has he delivered on his mandate as the president of the country? What legacy will he leave behind? Since, the questions then…are we there yet Mr President, have you delivered on your promises?    Sekunjalo….

Nakana is a seasoned businessman, writer and a contributor to this publication. He writes in his personal capacity.


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