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Rival politics can obliterate individuals but not a collective

Andile Zingitwa

Any man who is wearing his spectacles of gumption would have known as early as last week Monday that the motion of no confidence against President Jacob Zuma was highly unlikely to succeed.

This analysis emanates from the resolution taken in Luthuli house that was very clear and never nebulous about members of the ANC needing to protect the organization by all strategies available, particularly when it is under siege from the opposition.


That, the President has wronged the country through a series of banal scandals is a fact, however, it is neither here nor there to be employed as a vehicle to oust him as initiated by the opposition.

A few days later, Jackson Mthembu conducted a press conference where he found articulation in an uncompromising position the organization agreed upon in relation to how members would vote in parliament.

As if that was not enough, when speaker Baleka Mbete announced on the eve that voting shall be conducted secretly, the ANC members were disappointed mostly but composed because they knew that they had done all the necessary spade work.

Finally, their decisive weapon was when they only allowed the engine of the organization, secretary general Gwede Mantashe to give a directive in the caucus that was held in the morning.

From the background that I have given, it is devoid of logic for some of the people with fancy titles such as political analysts could not see the writing on the wall from as early as the 31st July that there was no way the ANC would play in the hands of the opposition.

But that is what normally happens when an analyst looses focus and allows himself to be guided by moral rectitude and politics that only apply in an ideal world.

Justice Malala is very excellent when it comes to unearthing the information from others through his journalistic expertise; however, when it comes to analysis, he can not even match half the political prowess of his latest student guest he hosted in his show, The Justice Factor. She studies in the University of Pretoria.

The young lady kept her answers within the confines and parameters of precision and accuracy. Further to that, she un-diplomatically made it clear that Zuma would survive.

Let me be clear and ruffle some furthers, like other reasonable South Africans, I would be the first to celebrate if Zuma may be disconnected to our public resources. But it would have only happened to an organization that had suspended its political astuteness to be helped by the opposition to solve its problems.

My take is that, if the ANC was serious about removing Zuma, it could have happened in the latest organizational vote of no confidence that was held in Irene, Pretoria.

Anything about the ANC being addressed beyond its enclosed wall have been tantamount to a political miscalculation that would not even be reversed. It is true, those that voted against the party mandate, if found they need to subjected to a radical disciplinary hearing. Every politician in the ANC, must be understanding the principle of democratic centralism, you do not need to be Amilca Cabral to apply that, it is the basic tenet of ANC principles.

I submit.

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