No doubt, social ills such as drugs and gun totting youths tormenting our society are on the rise and becoming the story our lives.

Society at large now lives in trepidation of junkies and trigger happy youth who have made it a profession tomug, rob and kill innocent people. These super morons are equipped to do anything just to maintain their craving fixation.

These days in the township it’s even worse because you find them in school yards by day masquerading as candid learners. Teachers and co-learners know them very well but cant do a thing to them because they are veryperilous,sometimes protected bythis corporalpunishment iniquitous laws that came with the new democracy and their parents who are prepared to use their last cents in their pockets to take the teachers or anyone in their way to the cleaners.

These days’schools have become the safe heaven for hard core thugs. Some of these shenanigans are happening in brazen daylight and our law enforcing agencies are sometimes of no help not because they are scared of them.

It is an open secret that there is a handful of our Police and other law enforcement agencies officers who are still conniving with any criminal element ripping apart our society.

These deviant officers always have ulterior motives that satisfy their greediness and quasi lifestyle. This voracity usually super-cede their ceremonial duties.

Their corruptness to the core precipitate thesituation. They would rather pursue the case to solicit perverse incentive from the accused rather than to fight to put them behind bars.

Our society is fast becoming a sick society that lacks paragons of morals of rectitude. The bug stops with government. But as things stand it appears that they are failing dismally to control these social ills and corrupt officials.

Where to now? Egolijozinews says every law enforcing agency should come out clean and up their game before lawlessness becomes a norm in our communities.

Government should find a way of screening and vetting every individual who joins these agencies. Or else our society will fall apart.


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