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PUNCHLINE 1 – Journalism dying a sluggish death

Nie PicSelf proclaimed celebrities and commentators are fast making journalism a no brainer profession. This is evident on our television programmes, mainstream and tabloid newspapers columns left right and centre. These shenanigans will stand the test of time unless the crop of journalists currently studying the craft take control of the newsrooms upon completing their studies. Sadly most of them never get to see how the newsroom look like, because some feeble minded editors are scared of competing with them, hence most of them end up working in the retail, public relations and other sectors. If the situation is not rectified readers and viewers will continue to consume under- researched stories and opinions.

These scumbags have taken advantage of the rapid rise of internet technology, in particular blogging, tweeting and social networking. Infact its suffice to call them citizen journalists. As if that is not enough these charlatans rake in earth shattering salaries for misleading the public. I am told some of them work their way up in these media houses because of their convoluted looks, good command of the language and by paying perverse incentive to the editors.

This practice should be treated with contempt before our children are indoctrinated into quasi journalism. Whoever wants to be called a journalist or media practitioner should first acquire professional training Finish and Klaar

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