Response to the R480 000 procurement on windows by the Gauteng Department of Sports, Arts, Culture & Recreation

Following reports involving an alleged amount of R480 000.00 paid towards the supply and installation of windows at the Gauteng Archives Centre, the department has found reason for further investigation as it pursues good and clean governance.

Mbali Hlophe MEC of Sports, art culture and recreation in Gauteng

The procurement of the windows dates back to April 2019, before the term of office of the 6th administration. Preliminary investigations have revealed that there was a parallel procurement of the service that was initiated over an existing contract with the main service provider at the time. Hence it could not be initially identified as there were no additional monies showing on the original line item.

Says MEC Mbali Hlophe; “this marks yet another parallel procurement made, a worrying trend as the illegally procured and installed surveillance cameras were also a procurement which ran against the original camera installation in the Department”.

Notably the same individuals found to have been guilty of the illegal cameras are equally signatories to the payment of the exorbitant window procurement. Whilst, some have been dismissed and others resigned following their issuing of suspension letters, the Department has engaged the law enforcement agencies for criminal charges to be placed against the individuals.

Mbali Hlophe MEC of SRAC in GP

The MEC added “the 6th administration remains committed to clean governance, in this regard the newly appointed Head of Department will ensure weaknesses within our entire Supply Chain Management are identified and resolved. The Department remains committed to clean governance and will leave no stone unturned on transgressors. Corruption erodes the integrity of government and those implicated or found to be doing wrong must face the consequences of their actions. Serving in government means we are custodians of the people and we have to earn their trust through good and clean governance.” MEC Mbali Hlophe concluded.

This unaltered release was issued by the Gauteng Department of Sports, Arts, Culture & Recreation

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