Solidarity reveals that FNB customers get up to 4 times more ‘money back’ via eBucks, competitors not even close

FNB’s eBucks cements its positions as the leading rewards programme in banking

 The latest Solidarity Bank Charges report shows that FNB customers get up to four times more ‘money back’ via eBucks rewards compared to what most banks provide to their customers. Solidarity states that a customer who is on eBucks Level 4 can get back no less than R463,20 if they performed a similar set of transactions as those in the Solidarity methodology, which includes filling up fuel at Engen or buying groceries at Checkers.

Raj Makanjee, Chief Executive of FNB Retail and Private Banking says, “We welcome the consideration of rewards in the evaluation of overall banking value. The recognition of eBucks as part of our broad range of benefits attests to the significant strides we continue to make in providing our FNB and RMB Private Bank customers with superior value across all our bank accounts. Over the years, eBucks has been a benchmark of excellence in meaningful rewards and the programme continues to play a vital role in helping customers better manage their money. Now more than ever, customers are looking for value and this recognition affirms that FNB is unmatched in that category.”

Johan Moolman, CEO of eBucks Rewards adds that, “We have a meaningful 20-year contribution to the lives of customers. Over the years, we have been expanding the value we add to our members’ lives and we are even more excited about our future plans to continue helping members with their financial and lifestyle needs. The success of our programme is due to the participation of FNB and RMB Private Bank customers.”

Since inception, eBucks has paid out over R14.2 billion in rewards to members. eBucks Rewards has more than 30 partners across all major categories in both retail and online, including essential categories such as health, groceries and fuel.


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