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Stimorol, SA’s number 1 gum brand continues to champion creative expression and provide a platform that puts a spotlight on the unique musical flavour of our country’s youth.The brandproudly announces the successful conclusion of its highly anticipated Flow.Lab Workshop. The event brought together 30 of the most talented and promising artists and producers from diverse artistic backgrounds. These exceptional individuals were selected by Stimorol in recognition of the strides they have already taken to master their craft.   The Flow.Lab Workshop aimed to upskill and inspire these artists, fostering an environment where creativity knows no bounds.

During the exhilarating 3-day workshop, participants were immersed in a dynamic program filled with workshops, masterclasses, and interactive sessions led by prominent figures in the creative industry. Among the distinguished speakers were Musa Keys and Kamo Mphela as visionary musos who shared their invaluable insights on harnessing creativity to achieve unparalleled success. The artists were encouraged to push the boundaries of their imagination, explore new techniques, and refine their artistic voice to make a lasting impact on the world. Musa Keyes and Mphela discussed their experiences as artists with jam-packed tour dates both oversees and locally as well as the creation and release of their music that reaches millions of fans around the globe.

“There is so much talent in the country that is untapped and deserves global attention. The Stimorol three day workshop revealed how emerging artists can be shooting stars beyond South African borders. I was inspired to have brushed shoulders with tomorrow’s musical talent and contribute to their amazing growth as part of the workshop. The future of SA music is in great hands”, says Musa Keys

The Flowlab Workshop witnessed a harmonious exchange of ideas and creativity, as the selected participants also had the privilege of interacting with some of the most inspiring artists of our time. Esteemed guests such as Major Steez and Dee Koala, renowned for their government work and revolutionary contributions to the art community, left an indelible mark on the participants. Spearheading insights on ‘Being a professional young artist in 2023′, Steez and Koala focused on not only their creative process but also delve into subjects such as finding healthy boundaries and innovative support structures to remain active and consistently creative. Their presence and shared experiences ignited a spark of inspiration, fuelling the next generation of artistic pioneers to explore uncharted territories in their creative endeavours.

“The presence of renowned artists enriched the workshop experience, providing our participants with real-world examples of how ones authentic flavour can not only add value to the music world but moreover allow you to make a living from following your passion. We believe that exposure to such inspiring figures is instrumental in fuelling the creative fire within our participants, propelling them towards even greater achievements in their artistic careers. As a brand custodian, I couldn’t be prouder of the positive impact the Flow.Lab Workshop has had on these talented individuals, and I eagerly anticipate the exceptional contributions they will make to the art creative world in the future”, says Robin Lesch, Senior Brand Manager of Gum.

Stimorol remains committed to championing an inclusive creative society that embraces all flavours by empowering emerging artists with the tools they need to shape the world with their vision.

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