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Tlhatlogang Secondary fast becoming a school of choice


Khosi Ntuli is the School principal at Tlhatlogang Secondary in Mofolo Central Soweto

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Believe it or not ! A newly merged no fee Secondary School in the heart-beat of Soweto has proved doubting thomases wrong by scoring a matric pass rate of 80% at a go, thanks to the forward thinking and well-schooled principal Khosi Ntuli.


This Quintile 3 Tlhatlogang Secondary school has lived up to its vision that’s stipulates among other things ‘to create a school of choice, excellence where every child receives  good quality education.’


In an exclusive interview with this publication its effervescent Head, Ntuli revealed that this was made easy by the support from staff and the resources provided by department, and added that nothing was going to stop the school from achieving the same or finer feat with the class of 2017.


She also stated that everything is made possible by good planning and good leadership. “Everything boils down to leadership who shares a vision with everybody involved about expectations.

“This was a starting point for us. Our plan was to complete the syllabus mid-year, and we managed to accomplish that.”


Pressed about general key challenges facing the education sector, she said, “I believe that primary care education starts at home. If that is done thoroughly and properly then I am able to accomplish my job as an educator.”


Further quizzed about the school’s goal this year. Ntuli said, “To achieve a 100% pass rate in Matric , a full attendance in both school and SSIP must be priority number one. But there is room for disappointment.”


Asked about politician’s call for learners to start learning on day one. She concurred and said it was feasible.


“Its possible to start learning on day one, If we lose the first day, its like losing a first period.”


She also warned that the school has no room for deviant behaviour. However her intellect shows that she fully understands that dysfunctional families precipitate this felony.


“To correct this, we try to have a partnership with organisations that rehabilitates such behaviours, but sometimes it becomes very difficult if a learner comes from a severely impaired family.”


Ntuli highlighted her concern about parents who are not playing their part in supporting their children.


“As a school we are playing our utmost role. But sometimes where there is a parent behind a child you will see a big difference because a learner will always be punctual and up to date with homeworks.”


Sello Mohashoa, a member of the School Governing Body in the school, who was on cloud nine said, “The results were poetic justice. As a body we gave the school all the support they needed hence you see the achievement.”







    Did you know ?       

  • Tlhatlogang is a tswana word for rise up.
  • The school was based in White City and later merged with the now defunct Lobone Secondary in Mofolo Central.


  • Ntuli has a teachers diploma, Bachelor of Pedagogics, an honours degree in languages from the University of Zululand.
  • Furthermore she obtained an additional honours degree in educational leadership from the University of Pretoria.
  • She also completed an advanced certificate  in leadership from Matthew Goniwe Institute.
  • Not along ago she was afforded an opportunity to present a paper based on robotics by the Pittsburgh University abroad.
  • She also had an opportunity to be trained in urban leadership by Harvard University.
  • She is currently completing her MBA with Mancosa University.

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