Up-close with McDonalds Human Resources head honcho

Up-close with McDonalds Human Resources head honcho

Nie Cele

Bubbling,  McDonalds Chief People’s Officer, Bridgitte da Gama is adamant her organization was best positioned for the fourth industrial revolution.

Furthermore, she revealed the fast food chain has no age restriction when it comes to recruitment.

Speaking to this publication on the sidelines at the recent HR Indaba Africa held at the Sandton Convention Centre, da Gama revealed her organization was growing in leaps and bounds.

“HR needs attitude and gratitude. As a brand we are working very hard, doing very well and very busy trying hard to create more jobs as we open more branches.

“We are happy and determined to make a difference on the lives of youth by contributing to the unemployment plaguing the country.”

Da Gama also gave the event thumbs up arguing that it’s an amazing opportunity that gives Human Resources community a chance to share what they do in their spaces.

“This is a wonderful initiative to connect the talent community,” she said.


Da Gama is quoted arguing,  “The technologies that drive the Fourth industrial Revolution offer your company huge opportunities to build a successful and sustainable business. However, to benefit you will need access to the right talent, knowledge and skills. That is why McDonald’s recently rolled out its very first Corporate University in South Africa.”

Additional pictures by Collen Hans.

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