Roast those dead bodies and eat them, says taxi association


In an unprecedented twist of events, Witwatersrand African Taxi Association (WATA) is up in arms after their members were recently ambushed by unknown gunmen with R5 and AK47’s at broad daylight atMofolo  in Soweto.

In an exclusive interview with this publication, The association accused government of dragging its feet in solving the ongoing fight over routes with rival alliance,Nancefield Dube West Taxi Association  (Nanduwe)

The two associations Nanduwe and Wataare embroiled in an ongoing fight over routes and over rush hour morning pick-up points in Mofolo, Orlando West and Central Western Jabavu for a while now.

Referring to Jimmy Sojane ,.The Acting Provincial Taxi Registrar,One owner who wished to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal unleashed a bellicose statement and said “Roast those dead bodies and eat them. We are very concerned that you ae chasing us away from our legal routes that we ve operated for 33years without being harassed by anyone. We ve done everything by the book including reporting these harassments in vain.”

The cheesed off taxi owner also revealed that Sojane was playing double standards by ignoring the unanimous temporal agreement of operating on 50/50 basis.

“Nanduwe is refusing to cooperate. Instead they hire hitmen from KZN under the rusethat they are security guards. These are the people that are killing our members and innocent passengers.  We ve reported these incidents at Moroka Police Station without any success. He evendrained our taxis passengers and allowed Nanduwe to transport them, He said.

He also warned that, this was the worst thing to happen in the entire taxi industry.

Did you Know?

During this incident in April four people were killed in Mofolo.


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