A lesson for some backbiters- “Criticism without a solution is merely an inflation of the critic’s ego.”

The political indictment persuaded by some members of the tripartite alliance against treasury by inhibiting its quest to go the route of the International Monetary Fund is at best, unfortunate, or at worst, opportunistic and unrealistic in the midst of this pandemic.

 It is aimed at pushing their narrow populist hegemony informed by fantasies as opposed to substantial econometric analysis and scientific data.

Their continued failure to provide solution in resolving the financial crisis we are faced with can only add salt to a wound and is testimonial to why they should not be taken serious.

They are a bunch of careerists who are only skilled at identifying the wrongs with no idea to undoing or resolving such.

Back in 1996, when the three TMs, that is Thabo Mbeki, Trevor Manuel and Tito Mboweni promulgated the Growth Employment and Redistribution strategy, they were nomenclatured as the class of 96 project by the very same people who could not even articulate a pragmatic model to curb the then socio-economic calamities of the country.

 Twenty four years later, they are now raising a question of sovereignty, as if there are other alternative avenues that can be quickly explored.

Now is the time to exercise decisive leadership and not an artificial pseudo-panacea in a form of religious bushirism demonstrated by these  so called leftist clowns. I SUBMIT.

Zingitwa is a Pharmacist. He writes in his personal capacity.

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